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What Is Ctfmon In Startup


Timber Wolf I have tried everything to disable this file, I disabled it in msconfig, in 'services' it must be a virus or spyware of some kind takes too much RAM NOT MSN. to confirm go to RUN --- MSCONFIG--- STARTUP --- and tick mark if u want it to be executed during ur windows starts. The whole dll thing.

please guys, dont teach us to delete windows important files!! See also: Link mykeeX its is indeed for the basic windows messenger, "Techie" was so so so wrong and doesnt deserve to call himself a techie for saying its the windows Categories 45951 All Categories6597 Gaming 16745 Hardware 19273 Science & Tech 1855 Internet & Media 849 Lifestyle 28053 Community Edit Nasty Malware is taking over my computer Unknown Jan 2010 edited I have tried other options and none really worked.

What Is Ctfmon In Startup

However ANY any .exe file can potentually house a virus inside. Found after NAV. You can always view the tasklist on your computer by pressing ctrl-alt-del to view your "task manager", and then click the "processes" tab.

There are a couple of this that look suspiceous > to me, those in exe in the system32 folder. The true msmsgs.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called "Windows Messenger". Acrap HINT: Windows Messenger (msmsgs.exe) may be needed for Remote Desktop Help (RDP) to successfully work. Please Go to Add/Remove in the Control Panel and uninstall new.net or newdot (it could be either New.net Application or New.net Domains) and reboot Then follow the proceedures in the link

Techie NEW Hijack! What Is Msmsgs.exe In Windows Xp Something triggers this thing to start even though its disabled. I think it is a trojan downloader. Again went to msconfig and found that file was gone.

MB Communications process, required by many Windows components. solved Windows 10 reporting 100% cpu usage in Task manager when it actually isn't? Run Windows Repair Tool to repair msmsgs.exe related Windows Errors 3. If you delete it, be prepared for system instability and the failure of certain programs to work.

What Is Msmsgs.exe In Windows Xp

Disabled NAV-MSN Messenger protection. you could try here Also, if you have Norton Internet Security you need to uncheck the box in the messenger protection tab. What Is Ctfmon In Startup I found this file in many places, but not the system32 directory. Windows Messenger I have Notron's AV.

See also: Link Paxa you can always rename the file, it won't load that way. I don't know if it is dangerous or not, but i deny its access with AntiVir AleX it's not dangerous, but it's just annoying. Thomas it sets of an auto-dailer for 80 euro cts/a minute wildebras this files keeps running in the process, even after totaly disable it pops up on the tool bar at Brair Have try everything to stop this file. Igfxtray

It opened up the msn messenger. Don't delete it ! Deleting or renaming it will NOT affect MSN Messenger, that's a separate program Kevin When I do get this dialogue box it always comes on when on Windows shutdown. It is an unknown file in the Windows folder.

Can connected to worm_agobot.ab or worm_wootbot.bd link for more info Lenisterman Quite malicious and annoying at times, but normally harmless. only according to task manager? Msnsgs is the legitimate messenger.


MSN messenger, please see the link for a very clear explanation. Thank's rvoltaire! after killing the msmsgs.exe process (business pc, no msging software is on it) the control panel was accessible. See that.

The unnamed/anonymous user comment: true. eyesquare A VERY annoying little file. That was it! See also: Link Solution It is Windows Messenger (not Live!) and in my case it was used by Norton AntiVirus 2004.

Detlamnis I just read most of the post here and tried some of the tips.