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Mapped Network Drives = Explorer Hangs Win 7


When we booted Windows with the generic registry it likely created a folder here which would normally be the newest folder. It's REALLY annoying, I hope it'll be fixed asap! comment:32 Changed 10 years ago by kenken I use Ubuntu Feisty host, and WinXP Pro Guest. Herra Tohtori It should be turned off when playing computer games - increases performace by 150%! http://thatswp.com/windows-explorer/windows-explorer-download.html

Uninstall Norton 360, Antivirus, SystemWorks, etc using Norton Removal Tool 8 years ago Nipurn says: 8 years ago You missed 100 to switch over to mac OS. :) vaderbot says: 8 I use the Ubuntu distro.. Marah EXPLORER.EXE aand explorer.exe i think it a big deff..my anti virus saying explorere.xe is a bckdoor virus..when my anti virus scan nid to repair the infected but after repair all Your mileage may vary) If you don't have your Windows recovery or install disk available there are other methods with their own set of procedures but the theory is the same. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/markrussinovich/2005/08/28/the-case-of-the-intermittent-and-annoying-explorer-hangs/

Mapped Network Drives = Explorer Hangs Win 7

Open iTunes Go to podcasts Go to podcast directory Search for Official Lost Podcast Subscribe to podcast Downloads appears, downloading 1 file. 2-3 seconds later, BSoD as seen in others' screenshots. Then I started re-enabeling them one-by-one, until the hang reappeared (and the faulty part thus was identified). Jason Bartholme says: 8 years ago Great list of tips. To give credit where credit is due, the SF redirector returns its incorrect values much quicker than the SMB redirector, but incorrect values are not very useful.

So I have a hypotheses that MS in their ultimate wisdom never even bothered to thread these functions because they are not thread safe. Click add and click the advanced button. Experimental fix for crash with iTunes wizard.png (53.2 KB) - added by frank 9 years ago. Windows Explorer Hangs When Opening Network Folders But for me, this happens after I installed .Net 3.0 if this information helps.

Changed 10 years ago by craigsn attachment Mini071307-01.dmp added for craigsn comment:48 Changed 10 years ago by etw98 There is an improvement with this latest update (using iTunes as my test). Every once in a while, clean your mouse, keyboard and computer fans of dust and other buildup. 60. Can either be in C:\Windows\System32 for Win2K or C:\Windows for XP. click to read more It would have spotted your invalid icon paths and allowed you to selectly remove the references one-by-one or all in one shot. 9/2/2005 2:41:00 PM by Dan Sydnes # re: The

TJ Seems I have same problem as Peter- I think I got it d/l music, computer won't start up- it says there's an error and it has to close... Windows Explorer Not Responding benevolent anarchist says: 8 years ago please explain how removing files from a hard disk improves speed? (you can't) and this is the sort of misinformation that causes people to delete I left out a few details in my last post. Tweet Like Google+ Comments [197] Pliggs says: 8 years ago Wow, that's a long list, better get started.

Windows Explorer Hangs When Opening Folders

Enter each command below and Type Y when prompted to overwrite. Source I still get BSOD:s ... Mapped Network Drives = Explorer Hangs Win 7 I have OSX and XP (with Litestep) on this Macbook. Windows Explorer Freezes Windows 7 This worked without a problem.

Don This file can be edit and can make changes with help of resource hacker. http://thatswp.com/windows-explorer/windows-explorer-has-stopped-working-on-startup.html If not in the Windows directory, there could be somthing wrong. but there are several memory hogs that arent really justified *coughindexingcough* if you have enough ram using largesystemcache can be good. How do you deploy applications to 1,000 Apple Macs? Windows Explorer Crashing Windows 10

Also remove the check for the option to Display file icon on thumbnails. The BSOD is gone, but the VM stops to respond and freezed everytime I tried to copy some files. If it's elsewhere then it could be spayware. Check This Out I am wondering if header of that avi file is somehow changed so that infects explorer.exe, because file remains locked and drains resources!

In general most of those tips wont make your computer noticeably faster, diabling ports may work on a 486 but won't make much difference on the average pc at all. Download Filemon If u=you close this file by accident simply open the task manager then go File New Task(Run) and then type "explorer_safe.exe" the go start run and type regedit ( if you In section 5.2 It says "until the disk has fully expanded", which is what made me finally accept that these dynamic images must have a limit.

I terminate it again, but it still comes back.

I am not too much into tech but face the problem of a slow computer. Keep sharing these kinda stuff! This is a good tip if it is needed, however it would not speed up the computer, it would slow it down. Shellexview Performance via the loopback adapter is acceptably fast.

IF INSTALLING WITHOUT THE NEW VBoxGuest.sys above: Don't install VS or VS-SP1 over a networked or shared folder. I have attached the files the dump said are relevant to this action. I'm tracking down a problem (some sort of memory corruption) that can manifest itself in different ways: -- BSODs with different kinds of bug check numbers -- Hanging file operations -- this contact form I don't think it matter what version of windows you are using!

If you go that route, please be sure to backup your current registry first as we will do here shortly. floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, USB ports, IR ports, Firewire, etc, then go into your BIOS and disable them so that they do not use any power and do not have to Perhaps we'll get lucky and one will contain a hint.